Speedometer V1.0
Velocity measurement for a bicycle

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Based on the STM32 Primer:Primer2
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A speedometer for a bicycle or the like.

He also shows the lateral acceleration.
and remembers the maximum possible value and leaves it.
(As at a volume indicator)

is still counted among the path in meters.

Man takes the reed contacts from a bicycle speedometer.
Line 1 to "CX_ADC_TIM, PB0, JP2 pin 13"
Line 2 to GND, pin 20 JP2 "


this variable is the marginal amount set      u16         Millimeter_per_pulse = 880;

The reed switch produces an interrupt.
the time between interrupts is measured with a 32-bit timer.

in Task.C
there is the filtered velocity and the Max value calculated by the lateral acceleration.

in Main.c
Representation of values
The color can also be set here, with "Font_Text_Color_u16" will set the text color.
The background color is produced in the folder _Background_image with the Excel document.

in EXTI0_IRQHandler.c
There will be handled interrupt.