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ZP Video Player Design Contest 2013:


ZP Video Player is intended to play AVI video files with a sound track.

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Smart Phone "Companion" & Media Player Win STM32 Contest Top Awards

STM32 EvoPrimer Smart Phone Companion

STM32F429 Contest entries highlight STM32 Chrom-ART™ Graphics Accelerator, available at

This year's $5000 Grand Prize went to SmartOpen4, a smart phone companion application that, like a smart watch, provides notifications and status updates about the smart phone that it connects to via Bluetooth. Second prize ($3000) and Third prize ($1000) went to ZP Video Player and the game RoboWarz respectively.

The contest, organized with STMicroelectronics, promotes the STM32 family and notably the recently released STM32F429 microcontroller featuring ARM Cortex-M4 core, graphic accelerator and integrated drivers for LCD display and camera.

Applications including the sources are available for download.




STM32F429 Chrom-ART™ Makes Eye-Catching Graphics Easy for MCU applications!

Article describes advantages and how it works with sample code to help you get started.

The STM32F429 integrated Chrom-ART Accelerator™ (DMA2D) allows easy integration of complex graphics in your MCU application without complicated code and without bogging down core processor performance. How...?

The DMA2D with the help of other STM32F429 peripherals (SDRAM and LCD controller) essentially calls bitmaps from memory (Flash, RAM, SDRAM) and displays them directly to your LCD. More importantly, the DMA2D can manage the merging of multiple bitmaps on the LCD while respecting their position, layering and transparence.

Francis Lamotte describes how this is done in this informative and complete article at Embedded.Com. He provides simple explanations for how the DMA2D works with samples from the code that is available in the STM32F429 EvoPrimer example sources.

Standalone Programming with EvoPrimer & Open4

An upgrade to "LAB" capability is now available that allows users to program STM32 microcontrollers in standalone operation using their EvoPrimer or Open4 base. In addition, users can monitor application variables and addresses while the application executes using the tool's monitoring capabilities.

Upgrades include all necessary connection accessroies, SD card and firmware upgrade to support standalone programming and monitoring features.

More info...



RF Extension Boards are Available Now! 

Several extension boards are now available that will allow you to add wireless communications like BlueTooth and ZigBee to your applications. Adeunis RF provides the most complete range of RF extension to include BlueTooth, Wireless M-BUS, ISM band and Narrow band frequencies.

More info...


Where to Get Primers

EvoPrimers are available through STMicroelectronics' sales offices and distributors. Ordering information...



Note: The ST EvoPrimer products are derivative products of the Raisonance Open4. The same Primer Target Boards, extension boards, software tools and sample applications are used with both EvoPrimer and other Open4 derived products. Open4 is a versatile tool platform that allows a wide range of derived primer and other tool products.

Ordering information for Open4 is provided at


20 last projects
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2014-04-20 at command electronic 54
2014-04-16 STM32F207VFT6 electronic 0
2014-04-16 STM32F207VFT6 electronic 15
2014-04-11 Inertial Center for Primer2 1.0.1 other Primer2 29
2014-06-04 ZP Video Player Design Contest 2013 other EvoPrimer 70
2014-03-17 SmartOpen4 1.0 electronic EvoPrimer 84
2014-03-20 RoboWarz 2.0 game EvoPrimer 25
2013-12-19 Christmas 1.0 game All 72
2013-10-07 DMA2D-TR 1.0 resource EvoPrimer 197
2013-10-07 Space 2D game EvoPrimer 113
2013-10-07 DMA2D-Demo 1.0 resource EvoPrimer 240
2013-08-04 uKOS-II 3.0.1 other 112
2013-07-26 Filesystem demo 1.0 resource All 176
2013-10-07 Cx_Demo 1.0 resource All 119
2013-07-24 STM32F407 - Camera 1.0 other EvoPrimer 339
2013-02-25 GPS 1 game EvoPrimer 295
2013-07-24 Fast Chart 1.9 other All 265
2013-01-07 EvoPrimer Tutorial (Cubic) 3.0 resource EvoPrimer 204
2012-06-14 CHIP8 emulator v1 game EvoPrimer 155
2012-05-17 Space Invaders 10.1 game Primer2 346
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CircleOS V4.62
DMA2D API fixes, new GCC

New RKit-ARM Release
New software version supports latest STM32F4, STM32F3 & STM32L100 variants, and debug with ST-Link v2

Contest Winners Announced
Grand Prize goes to Smart Phone Companion!



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