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ZP Video Player Design Contest 2013:


ZP Video Player is intended to play AVI video files with a sound track.

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Inscriptions on the site have been closed because of intensive hacking.

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Smart Phone "Companion" & Media Player Win STM32 Contest Top Awards

STM32 EvoPrimer Smart Phone Companion

STM32F429 Contest entries highlight STM32 Chrom-ART™ Graphics Accelerator, available at

This year's $5000 Grand Prize went to SmartOpen4, a smart phone companion application that, like a smart watch, provides notifications and status updates about the smart phone that it connects to via Bluetooth. Second prize ($3000) and Third prize ($1000) went to ZP Video Player and the game RoboWarz respectively.

The contest, organized with STMicroelectronics, promotes the STM32 family and notably the recently released STM32F429 microcontroller featuring ARM Cortex-M4 core, graphic accelerator and integrated drivers for LCD display and camera.

Applications including the sources are available for download.



20 last projects
Date Title Category Hw version Downloads
2014-04-20 at command electronic 65
2014-04-16 STM32F207VFT6 electronic 21
2014-04-11 Inertial Center for Primer2 1.0.1 other Primer2 39
2014-06-04 ZP Video Player Design Contest 2013 other EvoPrimer 93
2014-03-17 SmartOpen4 1.0 electronic EvoPrimer 108
2014-03-20 RoboWarz 2.0 game EvoPrimer 35
2013-12-19 Christmas 1.0 game All 79
2013-10-07 DMA2D-TR 1.0 resource EvoPrimer 213
2013-10-07 Space 2D game EvoPrimer 118
2013-10-07 DMA2D-Demo 1.0 resource EvoPrimer 264
2013-08-04 uKOS-II 3.0.1 other 119
2013-07-26 Filesystem demo 1.0 resource All 180
2013-10-07 Cx_Demo 1.0 resource All 124
2013-07-24 STM32F407 - Camera 1.0 other EvoPrimer 363
2013-02-25 GPS 1 game EvoPrimer 302
2013-07-24 Fast Chart 1.9 other All 272
2013-01-07 EvoPrimer Tutorial (Cubic) 3.0 resource EvoPrimer 209
2012-06-14 CHIP8 emulator v1 game EvoPrimer 158
2012-05-17 Space Invaders 10.1 game Primer2 351
2012-03-07 Chan's FatFS + Menu + Matthias framework (wo CilrcleOS) 1.0 other Primer2 781
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