IRDA/Network stack - IP3M 0.1
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Based on the STM32 Primer:Primer2
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/******************** Polytech'Grenoble 2010 - RICM4 ****************************
* File Name: readme_en.txt
* Author: Mathieu MALLET, Ludrig MOL, Clement MOREL
* Version: V3.8 (CircleOS)
* Date: 06/06/2010
* Description: 3M Project

Description of the archive

This archive contains various programs to exchange data between PC/PRIMER2 and PRIMER2/PRIMER2.

Contents of directory

IP3M_IRDA :                                       Outline of a network layer protocol over infrared
Ping2Primer2-PC_Side :                 Program in C# to communicate with the Primer2 (USB)
Ping2Primer2-PRIMER2_Side :     PRIMER2 Programme (cOSv3.8) communicating over the USB

Project Goal

The 3M project aims to establish a network connection between 2 PCs via
PRIMER2 boxes, using infrared and USB communication.
Currently, it is possible to exchange network packets between the
PRIMER2. It remains to consider the USB communication. In the state
current project, programs dealing USB communication are not
functional but offers an example of sending data from PC to PRIMER2.


We have found and modified the program in C #, detecting PRIMER2 connected to
PC via the USB cable. It also offers the ability to display a string
characters on the screen PRIMER2.
Requires Visual Studio 2008 and Framework .Net 3.5


We have modified the library used by the USB PRIMER2 to make
compatible with version 3.8 of CircleOS. You can start the project from
the following directory:



You can run the example of data exchange by using infrared
Project "IP3M_IRDA\IR-AppIr.rprj. It shows that it is possible to send and
receive data packets. The control codes (CRC16) are calculated
but they seem to be just.


Do not forget to change the directory include files in your projects by:

******************* Polytech'Grenoble 2010 - ***** END OF FILE RICM4 ******