Full Screen 1.0
CircleOS application full screen demo

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Based on the STM32 Primer:All
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This small project demonstrates the new full screen possibility for applications with CircleOS version 4.1.

After the call of the API "LCD_FullScreen(ON)", applications are able to manage all the screen area for drawing and display images or text (128 x 160 or 320 x 240 pixels depending on platform). The system toolbar is then disabled.

At the end of the application, the call to "LCD_FullScreen(OFF)", restores the system toolbar and  limits the appllication area to the normal size (128 x 128 and 240 x 240 pixels).

 Notes :  

  • the application has been developped on Open4/EvoPrimer  STM32E but is binary compatible with Primer2  and other Open4/EvoPrimer STM32 platforms, and source compatible with STM8L platform.
  • the application also shows the display of a compressed image with regular BMP RLE format ("DRAW_SetImage"). This function is able to detect the format of the image.
    Several format can be use with this function :
    • Raw image (format used with previous CircleOS versions),
    • 16-bits BMP image,
    • 256 colours BMP image,
    • 256 colours BMP image with RLE compression.
      (see the BMP_Converter tool to convert BMP files into .h files usable in CircleOS)
  • the application is also an example of the font management ("LCD_GetFontDef"),  with transparency ("LCD_SetTransparency").

Version V1.0

  •  First release.