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A sample project that uses the Primer to demonstrate the use of (a fully pre-emptive real time scheduler) on the STM32 microcontroller.

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Based on the STM32 Primer:Primer1
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Description: is a commercial quality, popular, open source, mini, real time kernel that has been ported to the STM32 range of microcontrollers.

This sample project uses the Primer to demonstrate the use of on the STM32 using GCC and the Ride development tools.  The demo in part ports the existing STM32 demo to the Primer platform.  Please make sure to read the demo documentation on  In addition, the homepage provides links to the API documentation.

Some CircleOS components are used to facilitate driving of the LCD and other peripherals, but the demo does not itself run under CircleOS.  The demo is not itself a CircleOS application and will overwrite CircleOS on the STM32 Primer. The batch files located in the [Program Files]\Raisonance\Ride\Lib\ARM\CircleOS directory of your Raisonance Ride distribution can be used to restore CircleOS to the STM32 Primer hardware.