The XBEE PRIMER Shield is an extension to the Raisonance EVOPRIMER and PRIMER2 development platforms, adding wireless capability. Based on the popular XBEE module footprint, a range of wireless protocols and transmission power is available. This demonstration program shows a functioning prototype of some of the basic wireless communication features of the XBEE PRIMER Shield product.

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The XBEE PRIMER Shield adds wireless capability to your Raisonance EVOPRIMER and PRIMER2 development platforms. Based on the popular XBEE wireless modules by Digi, a wide range of wireless communication options are available.

Now it is easy to add IEEE 802.15.4, 802.11, ZIGBEE, standard or Pro, and other wireless interfaces to Raisonance’s development platform. XBEE PRIMER Shield is compact and fits inside the EVOPRIMER and PRIMER2 housing. For modules which carry an external antenna, only the antenna is visible on the outside. An on-board regulator provides power to the wireless module, and the power can be switched on and off under software control.

XBEE PRIMER Shields with IEEE 802.15.4 and ZIGBEE, with either chip of external antenna can be ordered on line. If you want to populate the XBEE PRIMER Shield yourself, a BareBoneBoard is available as well.

XBEE PRIMER Shields communicate with the host system through a standard serial connection. Example code is available for download.

For ordering information of XBEE PRIMER Shield, documentation, and further downloads, please visit the XBEE PRIMER Shield web site

The XBEE PRIMER Shield demonstration program requires the following setup on the base system

  • EVOPRIMER: a version with STM32F103VET6 processor or similar
  • XBEE PRIMER Shield carrying an XBEE module connected to the EVOPRIMER extension connector
  • XBEE PRIMER Shield demonstration software installed

An XBEE module as the target for wireless communication, e.g.

  • XBEE module mounted on a USB shield, and controlled using Digi's X-CTU software on a host system, or
  • A second EVOPRIMER with XBEE PRIMER Shield extension

The software is optimized for XBEE module type XB24-A and XBP24-A modules, and similar devices. Both modules must have factory default setting.

After compiling and downloading XBPS code to EVOPRIMER, the code executes the following program steps

  • Initialize USART, and XBEE related GPIO pins
  • Reset XBEE local module to factory default values
  • Read the primary registers of the XBEE module, and show these on the LCD
  • Enter terminal mode, in which the module transmits a sequence of characters every 10 seconds

Running X-CTU on the target host system, the "Terminal" feature can be used to

  • View incoming message from the EVOPRIMER XBEE PRIMER Shield: every 10 seconds a string of characters is transmitted
  • Send characters to the EVOPRIMER by typing inside the X-CTU terminal window, which will then display on the EVOPRIMER



This download only contains the software element of the XBPS demonstration software. On-line documentation to the demo program can be found on the XBEE PRIMER Shield web site