Primer2 Test 2.0
Set of tools to test Primer 2 and Open4 hardware

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Based on the STM32 Primer:Primer2
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Features :

The COMMTEST application allows to execute some hardware tests of the PRIMER 2 :

  • USB test : uses the Primer as a PC mouse, like PrimerMouse application,
  • SDIO card test : executes some reads and writes into a SDCARD,
  • Joystick test,
  • CAN test for STM32C EvoPrimer,
  • Temperature and pressure sensors tests for STM32L EvoPrimer,
  • IrDA test : this test requires another Primer 2 to run the Echo-IrDA application. The first one sends one data. The second one receives the data, incements it, and then sends the new data in his turn. The first one receives the data and compares it with the original value. If OK, the first one sends this new value, and the cycle continues.

This application implements USB and SDIO managements from the ST library.

Note: This application is pre-loaded in the Primer2 and Open4/EvoPrimer (as a part of the 'factory hex file') and it is used for the factory tests.

History :

Version 2.0 :

Open4 project has been added (STM32E, STM32C, STM32L, STM32G, STM3220G/STM3240G).

Version 1.2 :

Project was modified to ensure compatibility with ST library v3.1.

Version 1.1 :

Fix bug with high capacity SDCard.