Stdout2Usb 1.0
Print debug messages to USB port

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Use circleOS:yes (circleOSversion) Creation date:2009-03-27 17:25:51
Hardware modification:no Modification date:2009-03-27 17:25:51
Based on the STM32 Primer:Primer2
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The project implements a printusb() function whose purpose is to make printf() messages available in a MS Windows program by means of passing USB messages between the STM32 and the computer. Both the MS Windows program (built with VS C# Express 2008) and the Primer2 library (built with Ride7) are provided, along with the source code. This project is primarily intended for improving the debug process (by making the stdout "readable") but can as well serve as a skeleton for any application that requires basic USB connectivity with the MS Windows environment.