Balancer V1.0
A small game of skill

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Based on the STM32 Primer:Primer2
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Balancer is a small game of skill where the STM32Primer2 has to be moved to
control balls on the LCD screen. The actual level is successfully finished
when all holes are occupied by balls.
The levels are:
 0 Multilevel                 Switch to the next level after success (start with level 1)
 1 One ball                  Get one ball to occupy one hole
 2 Two balls                Two balls that are a little faster
 3 Three balls     
 4 Four balls                ...
 5 Five balls      
 6 Six balls                  Six balls that are quite jumpy
 7 Release button     All balls are released if the button is crossed
 8 Rotating holes      The holes rotate around the center
 9 Bumping holes     The holes bump out the balls after a short time
10 Challenge             All difficulties in one level
There are two modes.
Multilevel starts the next level if the actual level is successfully finished.
Single level leaves the game after the level is successfully finished.
The mode and the level are set by the the left on-screen button named BAL.
Press it to walk through the levels. The chosen level is activated when the
button isn't pressed for a second or two. The Multilevel is started when the
game is entered.