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Welcome to CircleOS documentation

CircleOS manages the hardware resources of the STM32-primer such as LCD, Mems, Button, Buzzer, Leds and the software resources such as Menu, Pointer and Drawing functionalities and allows to easily write new applications for the STM32-primer.

This document lists all the available CircleOS functions classified by resource.

For a documentation on how to write a STM32-primer application with the CircleOS, see the STM32-Primer2-Manual.pdf or STM32-Primer2-Manual.pdf or STM32E-EvoPrimer-manual.pdf or STM32C-EvoPrimer-manual.pdf or STM32L-EvoPrimer-manual.pdf file, or STM3240G-EvoPrimer-manual.pdf file, depending on your Primer and your Target Board version.


This document can be browse using one of the 4 available tabulations:

See examples which use CircleOS functions on