CircleOS  1
File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
o*audio_spe.cSTw5094a audio codec init and management
o*button.cCommon Button and Joystick initialization and management
o*buzzer.cCommon Buzzer functions with RTTTL format support
o*buzzer_spe.cBuzzer dedicated functions with RTTTL format support
o*circle_api.hGeneral header for the STM32-circle projects
o*circle_spe.hSTM32 platform specific declarations
o*cx.cGeneric functions for the extension connector
o*dma2d_graphic.cSpecific API functions used for the STM32F42x DMA2D controller
o*dma2d_graphic.hTypes definitions and declarations for the STM32F42x DMA2D controller
o*draw.cVarious utilities for drawings (characters, ..)
o*fs.cFilesystem OS layer
o*lcd.cThe common LCD functions
o*lcd_spe.cThe LCD driver for the ILI9325
o*lcd_spe_IL9325.cCommon functions for Open4 platforms with ILI9325 controller
o*led.cCommon LED management
o*list.cGeneral functions to handle list with touchscreen
o*mems.cCommon Mems management
o*mems_spe.cMems Initialization and management
o*menu.cGeneral management for menu, dialog boxes ..
o*menu_settings.cManagement of a menu that allows to set up the STM32-primer
o*pointer.cVarious utilities for the pointer management
o*power.cCircleOS shutdown driver
o*power_spe.cCircleOS shutdown driver
o*rtc_spe.cRTC clock management and utilities
o*toolbar.cCommon various utilities for touchscreen toolbar
o*touchscreen.cCommon touchscreen routines
o*Util.cVarious common utilities for CircleOS
o*Util_spe.cVarious harware specific utilities for CircleOS
\*Util_spe2.cVarious harware specific utilities for CircleOS