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Intelligent Primer Nurse 1.0
The created device “Intelligent Primer Nurse” monitors heart rate and user's activity. The device is something like personal wirelless bed side monitor with remote display. Connection to the computer unit is provided by a Bluetooth module. The main aim has been to design a prototype of multi-purpose device suitable for use in senior homes, spas or for lonely seniors. In this device, a special algorithm is implemented for activating alarm in life threatening situation like low or high heart rates or inactivity of user, where a danger of losing consciousness exists. In the future, there will be a possibility to use several “Primer Nurses” for user’s multi-monitoring using one central computer.

Code size: Author:FEE_CTU_TEAM
Source files included:yes Version:1.0
Use circleOS:yes (1.7) Creation date:2011-05-13 21:07:12
Hardware modification:yes Modification date:2012-11-28 15:50:42
Based on the STM32 Primer:EvoPrimer
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UPDATE: Remove absolute path of the files FAT_OP4.elf and Evo_Circle_STM32E.elf

This project describes device which is Intelligent Primer Nurse. The device is created on EVO Primer development kit which is extended by three external modules for signal measuring and data transmission. Modules are connected to the development kit by wires to special extension board which provides power supply.

The device measures electrocardiogram (ECG) and photopletysmogram (PPG) signal. These signals are samples and processed by software in development kit. Signals are displayed on a display of the development kit with heart rate frequency which is computed from ECG signal. ECG signal processing and heart rate computing is described in chapter Primer software description.
Device has built in heart rate alarm which detected low and high heart rates. Thresholds which activate heart rate alarm are 50 beats per minute (bpm) and 100 bpm. This alarm informs user about probable heart rate problem which may cause life threatening situation.
The next function is activity alarm which starts when measured user have long inactivity. This alarm works like vigilance button in locomotive. User has to move or clicking primer button after every 30 s for deactivate alarm. Movements are detected by sampling acceleration signal from integrated accelerometer. 

Information about heart rate with time mark are logged on flash card about every 4s seconds. If device is connected to computer via Bluetooth, heart rate, selected signal and alarm flags are visualized by special software on PC in real time.

Detailed project HW and SW project description with PCB and electrical schemas are included in ZIP file in doc folder.

For building, running, controling the application and Bluetooth connecting please read user manual which is included in ZIP file in doc folder.

For building please use CircleOS 4.2.

If you want see introduction to Intelligent Primer Nurse device, please watch the video on this link

Content of ZIP file:

 + photos - photos of running application in development kit
 + schemas - PCB and electric schemas of external modules and extension board
 - project_description.doc - HW and SW project description
 - user_manual.doc - user manual for building, running and controling
       Primer Nurse Application in development kit

 + source_code - Primer Nurse Receiver PC application source code and project in VS 2010
 + install - Primer Nurse Receiver application installer

 + PrimerNurse - Primer Nurse application source code and project in Ride7