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OpenWorld Application Design Contest with STM32

2011 OpenWorld Design Contest Winners Announced

STM32 OpenWorld Design Contest Final Entry Phase ends 31 December. Enter your ideas today for the opportunity to win $20 000 in cash prizes. Persons who have not entered the contest during the concept proposal phase, may participate with a final entry.

SMTC Transportation Prize - $4000 Travel To City by Pierre
Grand Prize - $5000 Intelligent Primer Nurse by FEE_CTU_TEAM
2nd Prize - $3000 AMO: AmiWheelChair by Amo
3rd Prize - $1500 EvoMouse by Navin
Honorable Mention - $1000 OxiCheck by RWM
Honorable Mention - $1000 Travel to City by Pierre
Coming soon... videos of winning applications.



The 2011 contest stands apart from previous contests organized around the STM32circle with its theme oriented concept. Participants won awards for the best applications for assistance of handicapped, the elderly or people suffering from limiting medical conditions. A special award was sponsored by the SMTC for applications having a specifically transportation oriented theme.

Many thanks to all who participated with their concepts and applications.

Thanks to the Autonomie consortium for their support and sponsorship of the contest, and notably to prize sponsors SMTC, ST-Ericsson and STMicroelectronics.

And special thanks to our winners whose applications are interesting and particularly pertinent to promoting technologies that assist the handicapped and the elderly.

OpenWorld design Contest Sponsors-STMicroelectronics, STEricsson, SMTC Grenoble Metro


Technology Helping People

Human Assistance Applications are implementations of technology that help those with handicaps or limiting medical conditions participate more actively in daily life by facilitating access to transportations, public places, and public services. The OpenWorld Application Design Contest is your opportunity to promote technology that helps others.