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EvoMouse(BlindCompAssist) 1.1
The current project focuses on providing flexibility provided by pointing devices to blind people.

Code size:40~42K Author:navin
Source files included:yes Version:1.1
Use circleOS:yes (1.7) Creation date:2011-06-09 07:36:22
Hardware modification:yes Modification date:2012-09-15 05:25:03
Based on the STM32 Primer:EvoPrimer
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The primary goal of this project is to act as a substitute to the mouse for blind people. This project uses the Evo Primer STM32 platform as human a machine interface device and uses the Sikuli project for activating GUI controls and e speak is the software used for voice synthesis. All of these applications are managed by a group of python scripts. Sikuli is a software basically used to automate GUI testing using screen shots.