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Travel To City 1.1
“Travel To City” (TTC) is a project to help visually impaired for using public transportation. The main function of the device is to guide the traveler on the bus/metro public transportation line. For “Travel To City” device, the challenge is to allow the user to determine its path an adjust it according to the state of public transportation line.

Code size:1 Author:Pierre
Source files included:yes Version:1.1
Use circleOS:yes (1.7) Creation date:2011-06-15 00:46:41
Hardware modification:yes Modification date:2011-12-22 10:30:50
Based on the STM32 Primer:EvoPrimer
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Just a word before the application description: You could file a documentation (pdf) and several video and pictures in the package file (.zip). All sources is available (I used a few function of previous project available on this website, thank very much for your help (forum , last contest and projects already enter)). I spent a lot of time to complete this project, I finish just today (14 december, deadline contest !!!). The application works (some point could probably be improved). I hope you like this project and it will be the start of another project.

best regards Pierre

Note: Public transport line referenced in this project for Grenoble City
Tramway A
Tramway B
Tramway C
Tramway D
Bus line 1
Bus line 9
Bus line 11
Bus line 13
Bus line 16
Bus line 17
Bus line 23
Bus line 26
Bus line 31
Bus line 32
Bus line 34
Bus line 42
Bus line 51
Bus line 6020

Find below the application desciption:

Main menu

User interface is very simple, use ONLY the Evo joystick to function select. (joystick right and left to change item menu and joystick selection to select the current item).

-       Find nearest station
-       Create a route
-       Navigation
-       What time is it ???
-       Send position by SMS
-       Change language
-       Quit Application
1.1.1    Find nearest station
This function seeks the nearest public transport station around you. From this station, you could create a route.
1.1.2    Create a route
This feature allows you to create a route (from start station to destination station). You could select the start station and the destination station by joystick. All stations listed in alphabetical order. See in appendix 1 all stations listed for Grenoble.
It is very easy to navigate in this list:
-       Press joystick right or left to scan letter (A, B, C, D…)
-       Press joystick up and left to scan station (if you have selected the letter B you will listen for Grenoble: Bérivière, Bachelard, Bajatière, Basse Buisseratte, Bastille….).
-       Press joystick selection to select the current station.
When the start station and the destination station are selected, the application will look the way. If the application has found a path, the navigation will start in simulation mode (“Go to the first station….” “take the line ….).
At the end of navigation simulation, the application returns on the main menu. Select Navigation menu when you want to start the navigation in real mode.
1.1.1    Navigation
Follow the instruction navigation: ”Go to the station…”, “you approach to the station…”, “change of line….”.
During navigation, you can replay the current instruction (message) by pressing joystick down.
You can stop navigation and return to main menu if you press joystick down
1.1.2    What time is it?
A simple function can give the local time by audio. (Hour and minute).
1.1.3    Send you position by SMS
This function send you position by SMS to a phone number save in the init application file. If the recipient of the SMS has a smartphone (like HTC hero (android) or IPhone), he can see your location/address (on Google map) by opening SMS (select the link).
1.1.4    Change language
The application can use the following language:
-       English.
-       French.
-       German.
-       Italian.
-       Spanish.
You can select a default language in init file.
-       English (write language=eng).
-       French (write language=fra).
-       German (write language=ger).
-       Italian (write language=ita).
-       Spanish (write language=spa).
Note: The station name is all time in city language (French for Grenoble).
1.1.5    Quit application
Exit application (do not forget to turn off the external module).