Inertial Center 1.0
This project provides low level functions for access to the Inertial Extension card

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Based on the STM32 Primer:All
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Inertial application for EvoPrimer and Primer2

Introduction :

The example manages the embedded ST sensors of the Inertial Extension card :

  • magnetometer / accelerometer : ref LSM303DLM,
  • gyroscope : ref L3G4200D,
  • pressure / temperature : LPS001D.

Four IO's and USART data from the target board are available on 10 pins connector.

The aim of this example is also :

  • to show how use the ST library,
  • to show how to build a CircleOS application with several sources files.


The application begins with a simple "soft" calibration of the magnetometer, in order to eliminate the environment magnetic parasites. Then, it scans cyclically the sensors and displays it on the screen :




  Notes :  

  • The "Evo_Circle_STM32E.elf" and "FAT_OP4.elf" files location depend on your Ride installation; delete them from the projet and add it back before building the project.
  • This example was designed for EvoPrimer STM32E card but can simply port on Primer2 and other EvoPrimer target boards.


Version V1.0

  • First release