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RbPrimer 1.0
Rbprimer is a small robot. Rbprimer is able of execute a pre-programmed way or avoiding obstacles.

Code size:9K Author:Pierre
Source files included:yes Version:1.0
Use circleOS:yes () Creation date:2008-02-05 22:14:41
Hardware modification:yes Modification date:2008-02-05 23:13:44
Based on the STM32 Primer:Primer1
Downloads:2301 Views:26331
Average ratings:3.05/5 (1028 rates)

Download: (802 KB)


RbPrimer is a funny robot. It is not "static application".... The STM32 Circle take place on little "Body" moved by two DC motor. 

When you start the application the Main menu application appears (Wait, Create Way, Go Way, Avoiding, Quit)

- Create Way: using Mems function to create a way in memory (Go, right,left and go back direction)

- Go way: execute the way programmed in memory

- Avoiding: is a behavioir (avoiding objects detected by Ir sensor on extension board)

About the hardward, Two electronics board are used in RbPrimer:


- Main Board for drive motor

- extension board on from of RbPrimer (used in mode avoiding objects).

All schematic and picture is in PDF file compress in Zip File.

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