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OpenStreetMap4Primer2 1.0
This project converts the primer2 into a gps handheld device. A gps receiver module on the extension board is sending its data to the primer2 which is showing your actual position on a map. This map is read from the micro-sd card of the primer2 and has been previously downloaded from the OpenStreetMap project.

Code size:40kB Author:FR4
Source files included:yes Version:1.0
Use circleOS:yes (1.7) Creation date:2009-06-14 23:32:40
Hardware modification:no Modification date:2009-06-23 05:11:45
Based on the STM32 Primer:Primer2
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Connecting a gps receiver to a microcontroller is not a big deal. Most commonly the gps receiver sends its data, packed into NMEA format, as a serial stream over a serial port. But what to do with this data? For tracking purposes its just enough to save the datastream to a nonvolatile memory. But if you want to visualize the gps data on your device, for example show your actual position on a map you are facing two problems:

  • You have to deal with a big amount of map data.
  • The map data underlies restrictive copyright licenses.

OSM4Primer2 overcomes with this problems.


So all you have to do is download the desired map data from OSM project and save it to the micro-sd card. OSM4Primer2 extracts the actual geografical position out of the NMEA datastream and correlates it to map data on the micro-sd card. As a result the position is shown on the map.


The project as a hole consists of three parts:

  • a primer2 extension board with a gps receiver module with antenna. This module sends position data over a serial data stream to the usart2 of the primer2. This data stream is packed into the NMEA data format.


  • a CircleOS application, that extracts position data from the data stream and loads the appropriate map from sd-card. Actual position is shown on the map.



  • A pc host applications that downloads the desired maps from the OpenStreetMap project, and convert the original OpenStreetMap parts of the worldmap (so called „tiles“) into primer2 *.prm files that can be directly displayed on primer2 lcd

 Please download map data / see useful resources from