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This is an industrial application , where STM32 can be commercially used as a handheld data collection terminal. It can be used by the sales people on the field, who need to collect a lot of data and send them back to the back office for analysis. The data from the Barcode scanner or RFID module or any such devices can be connected to the usart of STM32. The data collected is stored in the micro-SDcard of the STM32. This is transfered to the PC using the card reader connected to PC. Or the application can be enhanced, by making STM32 as a mass storage device. In this particular case, we have used Barcode Reader as the input device for data collection. A button is used externally to trigger the barcode reading. The Touch buttons in the STM32 are used to store the data, retrieve the data, clear the data in the Micro-SD card. As a additional functionality, the scanned barcode are compared with the previous entries in the SD-card for avoiding duplicates.

Code size:10KB, 371 lines excluding headers Author:padmashan
Source files included:yes Version:STM32 Primer2 V1.1
Use circleOS:yes (1.7) Creation date:2009-06-26 08:40:48
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Based on the STM32 Primer:Primer2
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Handheld Data Collection Terminal using STM32



       The STM32 Primer2 is a protyping tool, with a handheld form factor and all the necessary interfaces. The idea of this project is to functionally use  this tool to create a handheld datacollection application, which can be productized quickly for realtime industrial applications.

Data collection:

Indian industries are focusing on using IT to minimize their cost and increase their productivity. Every production unit, needs to have some data collection mechanism at a lower cost and the data transfer mechanism to their backend office. This is used for statistical purpose and data analysis.

The device used should be very simple and cost effective.

STM32 fits the scenario and our application, if productionized can make a huge change.

Application Description:

Interfaces used:  UASRT Terminal through the expansion connector.

Touch pad LCD of STM32 : For viewing the data, store and retrieve.

Micro-SD card: For data storage and retrieval.

Circle OS: version 3.7

  • The input device is connected to the USART of STM32 through the expansion interface.
  • The data read from USART is displayed in the screen.
  • Buttons on the touchpad - Play - Write operation, Rec- read operation
  • When play is pressed,  data read from the USART is stored to the SD-card in a file.
  • The data from the file is compared with the data received from USART to avoid duplicates.

The possible enhancement is to make the STM32 as a mass storage device.