STMicroelectronics tool line for STM32

Check STMicroelectronics web site for information about the full line of tools supporting STM32 application development including:

  • starter kits,
  • evaluation boards,
  • RTOS,
  • IDEs
  • and production programming solutions.
Specific STM32 primer tools
You will find bellow the list of specific tools for the STM32 primer:
# Date Title Description
207 2011-07-06 RISIMAGE 1 Converts file bitmap 24 bit in file .prm for EVOPRIMER
129 2010-09-28 BMP Converter 1.0 This program converts any BMP file into header file for the CircleOS
17 2009-09-10 PrimerMouse 1.2 A CircleOS application that uses the Primer as a mouse device
12 2008-12-12 Bmp to Header file converter Bmp to header file converter with CircleOS project to see how to use the header file in a CircleOS application.