STM32 Primer2 - Complete Resources for STM32 Application Development

The STM32 Primer2 is designed around STMicroelectronics' STM32103VE microcontroller delivers a variety of pertinent and fun evaluation features on a portable development platform at an affordable price. 

The STM32 Primer2 offers an innovative, ergonomic design with MEMS-based controls (navigate by tilting the tool left, right, backward or forward) and a range of new features to stimulate creative application designs including:

  • 128x160 pixel touch screen TFT display
  • 4-direction joystick and push button
  • 4 additional push buttons based on touchscreen capability
  • Micro SD card connector
  • User USB connector
  • IrDA transceiver
  • 20-pin add-on connector for access to SPI, I2C, USART, CAN and analog/digital I/Os
  • Li-Ion battery with smart charging control for improved current management, battery autonomy (more than 6 hours), charging time and battery lifespan

Extension connector facilitates hardware modifications

To facilitate expansion of the STM32 Primer2 hardware, a 20-pin extension connector is included in the design. This connector provides easy access to peripherals on the target STM32 including the ADC, SPI, USART, CAN, I2C, as well as some I/Os.

Complete Raisonance Tool Environment...

As with its predecessor, the Primer2's rich range of features is complemented with a complete application development solution with:

  • In-circuit debugging/programming via dedicated USB connection to the host PC 
  • Complete software toolset for compiling debugging and programming applications
    • Ride7 development software toolset with project manager, editor and high-level language debugging
    • GNU C compiler for ARM (no code size limitations) with seamless control from the Ride7 interface
    • CircleOS task scheduler for dynamic loading and management of new applications
    • C source code for all sample applications and libraries including




The site’s FAQ  and the following documents will help you understand and use your STM32-Primer:



Extracted from the bill-of-materials :

 #  Reference  Manufacturer  Description  Link
 U1  ST7265xARxT1  STMicroelectronics  ST7 microcontroller (embedded RLink)


 U2  STM32F103VET6  STMicroelectronics

STM32 ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller
Performance Line
(512k FLASH)

Official STM32 page
Application notes

 U3  STw5094A  STMicroelectronics  Audio DAC / Codec   datasheet
 U5  LIS3LV02DL  STMicroelectronics

MEMS INERTIAL SENSOR: 3-Axis - ± 2g/± 6g Digital Output Low Voltage Linear Accelerometer

Application notes

 U6  USBLC6-2SC6  STMicroelectronics  ESD protection   datasheet
 U7  TFDU4300-TR1  Vishay  IrDA transceiver module   datasheet
 U8  L6924D  STMicroelectronics  Battery Supervisor   datasheet
 U9, U17  L6928D  STMicroelectronics  Step Down regulator   datasheet
 U11  LK112SM28TR  STMicroelectronics  2.8V regulator   datasheet
 U13  LCM-TGG000177YP02-01  WINSTAC Display  160x128 color LCD with touchscreen   datasheet
 U4, U16  74V1G04CTR  STMicroelectronics  Logical NOT gate   datasheet
 U12, U15  74V1G02STR  STMicroelectronics  Logical NOR gate   datasheet
 T1  Battery Li-Ion  LIPNEG  Li-Ion battery 400mA   datasheet
 K2  KDMG10008C  Kingstate  Loud speaker   datasheet
 K1  WM-61B  Panasonic  Microphone   datasheet
 SW1  TPA511GLFS  C&K  Multi-direction switch   datasheet
 D2  BAT54C  STMicroelectronics  Double Schottky diode   datasheet

D5, D6, D7, D8, D9

 BAT60  STMicroelectronics  Schottky diode   datasheet
 U10  STT5PF20V  STMicroelectronics  Channel P MOFSFET   datasheet
 Q4  BSS123  Fairchild  Channel N MOFSFET   datasheet